Narayana Bali & Nag Bali

Other Puja Materials from Home:

Deepa(Lamp)/Oil for Deepam/Match Box/Cotton Wick for Deepam.


​Panchapathra, Pali.

Small Trays 2, Big Trays 2, Small Cups 5, Scissors 1.

Blankets 2 (For Guest Seating purposes)Paper Towels, Paper Plates (Sufficient Quantities)

Hammer (for breaking coconuts)

​Aluminium foil.

Flower Vases 2

Thoran for Main Door.

Rangoli Powder 1 lb.

Recommended to Wear Yellow Clothes.

If you have any questions or clarification Please call me (Satyanarayana Marathe 240-350-5096 )